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  1. #GameTech


      1.00 GameTech Live User Requirements

      1.10 Use of features

      While using the live system users are expected to uphold a certain level of respect and maintain the intended use of its features. Any user found to be in violation of this will be handed out a LIVE ban and possible forum bans depending on the severity of the situation. GameTech reserves the right to deal with any situation to the prerogative of the admin.

      2.00 Game Server Information and Requirements

      2.10 Ping Imbalance/Lag

      A player that continues to lag/warp around the map for a considerable amount of time shall be kicked as a warning first to resolve the issue before returning to the server. GameTech or its admins do not take any responsibility for players lagging due to their own accord.

      2.20 Server Crashes

      In the event that a server crashes before or during any PUG match, the most reasonable thing to do is report it to a PUG admin ASAP so they can end the pug without users being banned. If an admin cannot be contacted please leave a message via forums or IRC for us and we will correct the error.

      2.30 Client Crashes

      In the event that you cannot continue or join a PUG for reasons out of OUR control, you may be banned for a starting length period of 15 minutes, and then if you continue to get banned regularly, the length will increase. Please keep in mind that it is NOT the PUG’s fault that you could not continue or join the PUG. NO explanations will be accepted. And if you are found to be working around your ban by any means, you will be banned on the account used PERMANENTLY and your current ban on your main account will be extended.

      3.00 Game Play Environment

      3.10 Environment Rules

      All participants in the PUG MUST comprehend and follow all rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for a violation. The game environment can be best defined as any and all files used to control, influence, or manage game play. GameTech requires that all participants use the default game environment that is created upon a clean installation of any game title. The only exception to this is the use of the official CEVO GUI.

      3.20 Models / Skins / Sprites

      ALL participants MUST use default models/sprites. If a member is found using ANY NON-STANDARD models or sprites during a PUG, it will be considered a violation of the rules and will result in a termination from the PUG and a ban. This includes ALL skins as well.

      3.30 Configuration Files

      Participants ARE allowed to edit their user configuration files in the native game directory. Any other configuration files found maybe considered a violation of the rules and could result in a ban from the PUG.

      3.40 Third Party Applications

      The use of any third party application and or program to influence or manipulate the game environment is strictly prohibited. Any such situations will be regarded as a cheating violation and will result in a termination from the PUG and an events ban.

      3.50 Custom Sprays

      The use of custom sprays, while frowned upon, may be used so long as they are not:

      • Sprays that replicate models
      • Sprays that replicate map features or textures
      • Sprays that display pornography
      • Sprays that are deemed unsportsmanlike

      The use of the above sprays will be considered a violation of the rules and will and will result in a member warning, and possible termination followed by a ban if applicable.

      3.60 Message Modes and Voice Communications

      In game chat, while frowned upon, is not illegal so long as it is done in a positive nature. All Message Mode chat must be kept to a minimum and may not include any profane or derogatory comments. Message Mode violations are subject to the rules of sportsmanship (RULE 3.70).

      The use of the voice communication software like Team Speak and Ventrilo are permitted, but ghosting between opponents is strictly forbidden. Chat between teammates and normal communication with that similar to a normal war/scrim is permitted, but any one or more participants found ghosting will be removed and banned for one (1) week.

      3.70 Sportsmanship

      All members are required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Any unsportsmanlike action which includes but is not limited to (Racism, Profanity, Rude Acts, Vulgar Acts, Acts of Belligerence, and Disrespect of an Official) may be reviewed and are reason for a ban. Participants in GameTech PUGS are expected to maintain a certain level of integrity in game and out of game. Rulings on sportsmanship are subject to official interpretation. If one or more participants are found in violation of this rule the following actions will happen:

      • Minor infractions as judged by an official: Formal warning to player
      • Major infractions as judged by an official: Up to a three (3) week suspension
      • Severe infractions as judged by an official: Up to a three (3) month suspension

      These suspensions include CEVO as well as Forum and PUG bans. Any accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct should be reported to a PUG admin or a GameTech official and will be investigated by GameTech.

      3.80 Punishments

      For all ban lengths not concerned with cheating/hacking are listed but are not limited to:

      • Minor offence: 1 day
      • Standard offence: 1 week
      • Serious offence: 1 month
      • Cheating offence: 1 year


      • Spamming Chat
      • Inappropriate Spray
      • Inappropriate Language
      • Inappropriate Name

      Standard offense:

      • Spamming Mic
      • Team Killing
      • Team Flashing (the deliberate kind)
      • Ignoring Admins

      Serious offense

      • ghosting

      Repeat offenders will be dealt with severely. GameTech reserves the right to deal with situations to the prerogative of the admin.

      4.00 Game Violations

      4.10 Game Exploits

      It is illegal to intentionally utilize any game exploits. Specific game exploits will be included in the game specific rules. For any exploits used that are not explicitly covered, officials have discretion to determine the intention and extent of the violation. The default penalty may be but is not limited to; a removal and ban from the PUG. Officials have full discretion to modify the exact penalty to suit the offense.

      4.20 Cheating

      Cheating in any form is considered a violation of the rules and will result in immediate member termination. Cheating / Hacking is considered any manipulation of server configurations, client configurations, models, skins, weapons, sounds, or anything that alters the predetermined settings listed within the rules. This includes aim bots, wall hacks, speed hacks, ESP hacks, or any third party program not deemed legal by GameTech. Officials have the final word on what is deemed a cheat or hack. Any players caught cheating will be suspended from GameTech events for a minimum of one year.


      Found a bug? Got an idea? Submit it to our PUG project page.

      If you happen to notice anything weird, some sort of error within the system, please let us know so we can resolve the problem. Help us help you and describe your problem or idea in detail, so we can easily understand you.
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